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Mar 06

TED TALK--Get Gangster with Gardening. Ron Finley

After nearly ten years working in South Central, first volunteering at Dorothy Kirby Center with incarcerated girls for 3 years teaching yoga, to then designing yoga curriculum for the physical education courses at The Accelerated School on MLK Blvd, in addition to teaching visual arts, outdoor education and nutrition, I am so happy to listen to this man's story and spirit---bringing nutrition back to the neighborhood by doing what we should all be doing---planting food. I have a big food garden myself, it gives more peace and physical and mental health than I suspected it would--but to bring the awareness of gardening, the ecosystem, the interactivity and community if insects, birds, worms, sun, rain, water, butterflies, birds, all the things involved in creating a healthy lovely vegetable plant or piece of fruit, is truly a gift that keeps giving.

Go meet him with your shovel....if you're looking for a charitable organization, consider http://lagreengrounds.org/ to put your time and sweat into. It makes a difference. Watch this and see.



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