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Oct 07


We all had barely any sleep or days off getting the two heads on Sarah Paulson....but it looks awesome, and it's really great to see the reviews coming in for the Season Premier of American Horror Story -- Freakshow!!
Thanks to Everett Burrell, our VFX Supervisor, Molly Pabian our producer, Karina Benesh our coordinator, Ryan Anderson our main dude, and Harimander Khalsa our compositing supervisor; and my good friends and teammates at Shade VFX: Chip Baden, Kyle Gray, Wing Kwok, Josh Shuman, Nicole Arnell, Ian Harris...you all made it a laugh a minute....mostly :) Check it out!!

Entertainment Weekly with Director Ryan Murphy:

"But it's Paulson, one of the few stars to appear in every season of AHS, who has the most physically and mentally demanding role on Freak Show: playing Bette and Dot, two very different women sharing a single body. ''It's not as simple as nice and evil,'' says Paulson. ''It's more complicated, in true Ryan Murphy style.'' The creation of the twins requires a mixture of camera tricks, CGI, and prosthetics. ''It is the most challenging so far,'' says Paulson of the dual role. ''I have anxiety because I just want people to believe it and forget that they're watching something that isn't real...
We’re doing conjoined twins in a very interesting way that I’ve never seen done before. What we’re doing with Sarah is one body, one actor, two heads. It’s really a technological and acting marvel for Ms. Paulson. I think people will really be blown away by. We kinda have created this technology to make it work so it’s something that’s never been done and I was really interested in the challenge of that."
So how does that work?
Basically Sarah has two different heads. So when she’s playing Dot she has on a fake head so she can look at that fake head. And we lock out the frame and we’re measuring everything and there’s CGI and then we take off the head. Then she changes her headband and then she plays Bette the other sister. Then with computer graphics we put both performances on one body. She’s playing two different people. But it takes quadruple the time just to do a scene with an ordinary two actors in a room. It’s a lot of work. But it looks so great. I’m so proud of it.
Here is the trailer:

Here is the Hollywood Reporter review:

Here is Buzzfeed:
Apr 05

CALVARY ----100 Billion Review Stars

"A Nearly Flawless Film", "Possibly the Best Irish Film Ever Made" -- "DESTINED TO BE A CLASSIC."  I have a feeling we will all be better people inside, once we see this film. I am so proud and happy to have had to honor of singing on Patrick Cassidy's gorgeous score for this film, and to be a part of the soundtrack. Patrick's beautiful and haunting compositions have always been so moving -- here he is, at the Marble Arches Tube Station.  That is a whole lot of bloody stars!!!!!!!
Jan 20


CALVARY, John McDonagh's newest film, with Brendan Gleeson and a supremely-talented ensemble, screened last night at Sundance Film Festival, to rave reviews!  Patrick Cassidy's beautiful score received special mention!
It's an honor to be part of such a powerful score, and film.  Here are the reviews, and the trailer:

The Hollywood Reporter: 'This is a film of rich layers – glorious comedic highs are interwoven with meditative moments and flashes of startling hostility and violence. The underlying solemnity is channeled in Patrick Cassidy's soulful, quasi-sacred score, and in the majestic drama of the physical settings.
John Michael McDonagh’s 2011 debut, The Guard, provided the wonderful Brendan Gleeson with a vehicle for some of his best screen work, playing an Irish West Country cop unencumbered by diplomacy skills. But the follow-up collaboration of the writer-director and lead actor is in a whole different league. Gleeson’s performance as a man of profound integrity suffering for the sins of others is the lynchpin of this immensely powerful drama, enriched by spiky black comedy but also by its resonant contemplation of faith and forgiveness. Representing a considerable leap in thematic scope and craft for McDonagh, Calvary deserves to reach the widest possible audience' (http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/calvary-sundance-review-672450)

Variety: 'A completely sincere work…this literate, beautifully crafted picture should translate near-certain critical plaudits into a distinguished arthouse reception worldwide… Patrick Cassidy's melancholy score is summoned at just the right moments'.

Here is the trailer --- Don't miss this amazing movie!!

Aug 29

STYRIA -- Feature film, Score by Marcello di Francisi, featuring Aya Peard

Going to a screening tomorrow night of Styria. The story is based on a 19th century novella, Carmilla, and is based intrue historic evidence, and is perhaps the true origin of the myth of vampirism--as an instigation to mass suicides, rather than the blood-sucking immortals that transform into bats we are accustomed to seeing. There is a great desciption on the movies Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/262270057/styria-based-on-sheridan-le-fanus-carmilla?ref=live So, i know all this, plus the fact that the amazingly talented Stephen Rea from "The Crying Game" and "V for Vendetta," two of my all-time favorite movies, is in it: .... It does look beautiful, featuring gorgeous locations and cinematography, colour grading, and of course, lovely troubled vampire girls. I will post more about the movie after I've seen it, but one more thing I'm sure of is that the score by the talented Marcello di Francisisi will be provocative and haunting! Marcello is known for his collaborations with Lisa Gerrard, among others, and it was an honor to sing with him. Creepy sociopath lesbian-vampire-blood oath-sensuality scenes, here I come !
Jun 17


What an amazing week, rehearsing, preparing, anticipating....finally meeting Merethe, playing with the orchestra, seeing Nick and Thomas so excited -- so much talent in the room! And...the Walt Disney Concert Hall, what an amazing venue. I have always loved seeing concerts there, but I never thought I'd see the audience from the stage! One thing I will say -- from the audience, it seems there is no bad seat in the house...from the stage, it is remarkable how close and intimate the audience feels! Nor have I ever seen the Disney Hall lit up the way it was for the show -- truly epic, and the following review describes.  I was very happy to share the pre- and after-show experience with Natalie Wilde again, after all our prep for the Nick Cave shows together -- AND, was very happy to see Marisa and Lauren, two of the awesome quartet who played Coachella with us, in the orchestra for the Two Steps from Hell Concert as well! I met so many amazing people -- including Reiko Nakano, the violin soloist / production manager (props for pulling that off!!), Petr, who is a joy to work with, and the wonderful Disney Hall staff....  It was truly an honor to see the talent and the fans, the hard work and the passion that Thomas, Nick and Merethe share, from up close, and to share the experience with them!  Here are a couple first reviews for your enjoyment....Shout out to Vince, from Make-A-Wish Foundation, who came to the show and whom we met afterwards, a lovely and wise young man. 
The Two Steps From Hell logo, "Music makes you braver "....nothing more true! 

Here is a link to the first official review, which includes an awesome photo gallery:

May 09

Stereogum Review--Coachella was Nick Cave's Weekend

Just found this amazing review....scrolling down the countdown to number one, a fitting tribute to Nick Cave OWNING Coachella, with bookend gigs Friday and Sunday. Such an awesome thing to witness, let alone be a part of....grateful still!

Here is the link: http://stereogum.com/1327622/coachella-2013-weekend-2-sundays-5-best-things/concert/

"1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

The whole weekend belonged to Nick Cave as far as I’m concerned. He played a smaller stage and tore the fucking house down with Grinderman on Friday night, and he returned for a victory lap at the mainstage Sunday evening. The crowd lined up early to get a good view … only they were mostly Chili Peppers fans. That’s the downside of sharing the stage with the one massive, radio-friendly act. Their fans are oblivious to all else, and they’re the types of people who try and push their way to the front of the crowd despite the fact their band isn’t playing for another 90 minutes. (Actual overheard conversation: “Who’s playing next?” “Nick Cave. He sounds boring, but I hear he’s all about murder.” “Weird.”) But it didn’t matter. Nick took the stage and silenced all dissent through sheer force of will. He brought out the Silverlake Children’s Choir for a couple songs, which lent an eerie power to already dark songs. If Grinderman is pure sleazy rage, Nick Cave’s act with the Bad Seeds covers a much wider swath of human emotion without sacrificing an ounce of that power. “Stagger Lee” seethed along until exploding into action for a second at a time, an exercise in control and release. He closed the set by bringing back the children’s choir for a haunting, restrained take on the title track off his latest album, Push The Sky Away. You’d have to have been dead not to feel something as those voices rose up around you, Nick standing front and center, conducting the full band with arm motions, standing their like a bandleader and dark savior all in one. This was his show, and this was his weekend."

--Aaron Lariviere, April 22, 2013 2:45pm
Apr 22

Coachella 2013 with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds -- GALLERY

What an epic adventure!  The first show, April 14, was hit with a sandstorm--I literally at first thought that the dry ice had glitter in it, until I realized it was sand, glistening in the stage lights (that was while I could still see clearly)...but such a great energy!  The chaos and excitement, and Nick Cave has been highlighted on most blogs as being a must-see, one of the top 5 shows at Coachella to be seen.  Natalie and I escaped Warren's flying violin bow when he tossed it behind him and the wind picked it up and sailed it right between our heads!  The second show had gorgeous warm weather and a beautiful moon over the mainstage...the kids wore their BAD SEED t-shirts, which Natalie nicknamed "the bad seedlings"....fun times! Here are some shots from the show:

The set list and the April 21 performance

April 14 Sandstorm show

...how cool to see Rodriquez.  A good story in a cold world :)

Thanks Nick Launay, Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, all the Bad Seeds, Natalie Wilde, and The Section Quartet for an awesome experience.
Apr 17


Here it is, the live show....sandstorm and all, a great set, an amazing experience, in beautiful Coachella


Apr 02

Performing at COACHELLA 2013 with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds!

It's official! I'll be peforming again with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at Coachella!! Again with the lovely Natalie Wilde, the kiddies and the strings, and the wonderful band.  Both weekends, April 14 and April 21, 2013, mainstage!!

I found this interview I did, and when asked if i'd seen any good concerts lately, I shared that I had just seen Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at Hollywood Bowl, and I LOVED it.  Such an honor to share the stage with them....  Interview is here:

As an aside, looking into caftans....any fantastic caftan designers you know of, please post :)
Mar 11

Aya Peard Performing with Two Steps from Hell at Walt Disney Hall, June 14, 2013

As I posted in the blog below, Two Steps from Hell will have their first EVER live concert at Walt Disney Hall, June 14, 2013!! It will be an epic show, with amazing music...fans know that the four commercial albums they have released have been amazing, and may not know that every one of them graced the top of iTunes Classical for at least 3 weeks, some for many more than that.....

I am very excited to be performing with them at this show!!!  For sure, "After the Fall" will be among those performed (you can listen to it on my page under 'Audio'). What an amazing group of musicians, venue, and selections of music to share...Happy news!!

Tickets went on sale Friday, and if you would like to get one, try here:  http://boxofficelosangeles.com/walt-disney-concert-hall-tickets.php

Hope to see you; can't wait!!!

Mar 08


The new Trailerpop app for all apple products launched today at Launch Festival!!  Headed by my good friend and CEO Jon Vlassopulos, AyaPeardMedia had the great pleasure of designing and executing the logo animation for their app trailer (with Scott Crawford)-- watch it here, and see more about this fun and interactive game with your favorite movie trailers, as well as celebrity favs!!



Go download, and enjoy!!

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