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Oct 07


We all had barely any sleep or days off getting the two heads on Sarah Paulson....but it looks awesome, and it's really great to see the reviews coming in for the Season Premier of American Horror Story -- Freakshow!!
Thanks to Everett Burrell, our VFX Supervisor, Molly Pabian our producer, Karina Benesh our coordinator, Ryan Anderson our main dude, and Harimander Khalsa our compositing supervisor; and my good friends and teammates at Shade VFX: Chip Baden, Kyle Gray, Wing Kwok, Josh Shuman, Nicole Arnell, Ian Harris...you all made it a laugh a minute....mostly :) Check it out!!

Entertainment Weekly with Director Ryan Murphy:

"But it's Paulson, one of the few stars to appear in every season of AHS, who has the most physically and mentally demanding role on Freak Show: playing Bette and Dot, two very different women sharing a single body. ''It's not as simple as nice and evil,'' says Paulson. ''It's more complicated, in true Ryan Murphy style.'' The creation of the twins requires a mixture of camera tricks, CGI, and prosthetics. ''It is the most challenging so far,'' says Paulson of the dual role. ''I have anxiety because I just want people to believe it and forget that they're watching something that isn't real...
We’re doing conjoined twins in a very interesting way that I’ve never seen done before. What we’re doing with Sarah is one body, one actor, two heads. It’s really a technological and acting marvel for Ms. Paulson. I think people will really be blown away by. We kinda have created this technology to make it work so it’s something that’s never been done and I was really interested in the challenge of that."
So how does that work?‚Ä®Basically Sarah has two different heads. So when she’s playing Dot she has on a fake head so she can look at that fake head. And we lock out the frame and we’re measuring everything and there’s CGI and then we take off the head. Then she changes her headband and then she plays Bette the other sister. Then with computer graphics we put both performances on one body. She’s playing two different people. But it takes quadruple the time just to do a scene with an ordinary two actors in a room. It’s a lot of work. But it looks so great. I’m so proud of it.
Here is the trailer:

Here is the Hollywood Reporter review:

Here is Buzzfeed:

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