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Apr 22

Coachella 2013 with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds -- GALLERY

What an epic adventure!  The first show, April 14, was hit with a sandstorm--I literally at first thought that the dry ice had glitter in it, until I realized it was sand, glistening in the stage lights (that was while I could still see clearly)...but such a great energy!  The chaos and excitement, and Nick Cave has been highlighted on most blogs as being a must-see, one of the top 5 shows at Coachella to be seen.  Natalie and I escaped Warren's flying violin bow when he tossed it behind him and the wind picked it up and sailed it right between our heads!  The second show had gorgeous warm weather and a beautiful moon over the mainstage...the kids wore their BAD SEED t-shirts, which Natalie nicknamed "the bad seedlings"....fun times! Here are some shots from the show:

The set list and the April 21 performance

April 14 Sandstorm show

...how cool to see Rodriquez.  A good story in a cold world :)

Thanks Nick Launay, Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, all the Bad Seeds, Natalie Wilde, and The Section Quartet for an awesome experience.

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