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May 09

Stereogum Review--Coachella was Nick Cave's Weekend

Just found this amazing review....scrolling down the countdown to number one, a fitting tribute to Nick Cave OWNING Coachella, with bookend gigs Friday and Sunday. Such an awesome thing to witness, let alone be a part of....grateful still!

Here is the link: http://stereogum.com/1327622/coachella-2013-weekend-2-sundays-5-best-things/concert/

"1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

The whole weekend belonged to Nick Cave as far as I’m concerned. He played a smaller stage and tore the fucking house down with Grinderman on Friday night, and he returned for a victory lap at the mainstage Sunday evening. The crowd lined up early to get a good view … only they were mostly Chili Peppers fans. That’s the downside of sharing the stage with the one massive, radio-friendly act. Their fans are oblivious to all else, and they’re the types of people who try and push their way to the front of the crowd despite the fact their band isn’t playing for another 90 minutes. (Actual overheard conversation: “Who’s playing next?” “Nick Cave. He sounds boring, but I hear he’s all about murder.” “Weird.”) But it didn’t matter. Nick took the stage and silenced all dissent through sheer force of will. He brought out the Silverlake Children’s Choir for a couple songs, which lent an eerie power to already dark songs. If Grinderman is pure sleazy rage, Nick Cave’s act with the Bad Seeds covers a much wider swath of human emotion without sacrificing an ounce of that power. “Stagger Lee” seethed along until exploding into action for a second at a time, an exercise in control and release. He closed the set by bringing back the children’s choir for a haunting, restrained take on the title track off his latest album, Push The Sky Away. You’d have to have been dead not to feel something as those voices rose up around you, Nick standing front and center, conducting the full band with arm motions, standing their like a bandleader and dark savior all in one. This was his show, and this was his weekend."

--Aaron Lariviere, April 22, 2013 2:45pm

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