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Aug 29

STYRIA -- Feature film, Score by Marcello di Francisi, featuring Aya Peard

Going to a screening tomorrow night of Styria. The story is based on a 19th century novella, Carmilla, and is based intrue historic evidence, and is perhaps the true origin of the myth of vampirism--as an instigation to mass suicides, rather than the blood-sucking immortals that transform into bats we are accustomed to seeing. There is a great desciption on the movies Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/262270057/styria-based-on-sheridan-le-fanus-carmilla?ref=live So, i know all this, plus the fact that the amazingly talented Stephen Rea from "The Crying Game" and "V for Vendetta," two of my all-time favorite movies, is in it: .... It does look beautiful, featuring gorgeous locations and cinematography, colour grading, and of course, lovely troubled vampire girls. I will post more about the movie after I've seen it, but one more thing I'm sure of is that the score by the talented Marcello di Francisisi will be provocative and haunting! Marcello is known for his collaborations with Lisa Gerrard, among others, and it was an honor to sing with him. Creepy sociopath lesbian-vampire-blood oath-sensuality scenes, here I come !

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