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Mar 11

Aya Peard Performing with Two Steps from Hell at Walt Disney Hall, June 14, 2013

As I posted in the blog below, Two Steps from Hell will have their first EVER live concert at Walt Disney Hall, June 14, 2013!! It will be an epic show, with amazing music...fans know that the four commercial albums they have released have been amazing, and may not know that every one of them graced the top of iTunes Classical for at least 3 weeks, some for many more than that.....

I am very excited to be performing with them at this show!!!  For sure, "After the Fall" will be among those performed (you can listen to it on my page under 'Audio'). What an amazing group of musicians, venue, and selections of music to share...Happy news!!

Tickets went on sale Friday, and if you would like to get one, try here:  http://boxofficelosangeles.com/walt-disney-concert-hall-tickets.php

Hope to see you; can't wait!!!

Feb 21

Two Steps From Hell in concert

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After Immediate Music and their first concert with their band Globus in 2006, Two Steps From Hell is the second trailer music company to take the plunge… and make the decision to organize a concert.

This event, highly-anticipated by fans and requested countless times, is now close to come to reality. A few months ago, Two Steps From Hell mentioned on their site that they were working on making a concert happen. It is now confirmed that there will be one, in Los Angeles, next year, on June 14th. For this special occasion – their world premiere – Two Steps From Hell has decided to play in a large concert hall – Disney Hall – with a big orchestra and choir. “It’s official. Two Steps From Hell is doing a concert, and it’s not just any concert. This spring/summer you can experience our music performed live by a massive orchestra and choir in one of the greatest concert halls of the world: Two Steps From Hell – live at Disney Hall, Los Angeles, USA – June 14th, 2013!”

Fans now hope that some of the female vocalists that performed on several famous Two Steps From Hell tracks, such as Merethe Soltvedt and Aya Peard, will take part to the concert.

Tickets aren’t available yet.

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