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"83rd Street" - Aya Peard - Live

WMG/Cordless Recordings

During my contract as a recording artist with Warner Brothers/Cordless Recordings, I was invited to perform a showcase for the Rhino Records at Warner Brothers in a venue on site, of my choice.  I chose the upstairs lounge area, in order to create an acoustic and intimate environment to perform 7 songs.  As most of the released production of these songs were electronic, I opted to break the songs down into arrangements for acoustic piano, cello, upright acoustic bass and backing vocals -- no drums, no loops, no effects...it was a great success, leading to being included on two Rhino Records releases:  "Sisters in Song" for Hallmark, which included KD Lang, Tori Amos, Jane Siberry, The Corrs, Natalie Merchant, and other WB female singer/songwriters; and "Have You Heard" for Target records, featured alongside Regina Spektor and Skye (of Zero Seven), among many others. Enjoy!