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Aya Peard -- "This Mess" Live

Warner Brothers - Cordless/Rykodisc

During my contract as a recording artist with Warner Brothers/Cordless Recordings, I was invited to perform a showcase for the Rhino Records at Warner Brothers in a venue on site, of my choice.  I chose the upstairs lounge area, in order to create an acoustic and intimate environment to perform 7 songs.  As most of the released production of these songs were electronic, I opted to break the songs down into arrangements for acoustic piano, cello, upright acoustic bass and backing vocals -- no drums, no loops, no effects...it was a great success, leading to being included on two Rhino Records releases:  "Sisters in Song" for Hallmark, which included KD Lang, Tori Amos, Jane Siberry, The Corrs, Natalie Merchant, and other WB female singer/songwriters; and "Have You Heard" for Target records, featured alongside Regina Spektor and Skye (of Zero Seven), among many others. The released recording was later included in the soundtrack for WWE's feature film, "The Condemned." Enjoy!